Sonoma Wine Country - Custom Tour

6 hours +  

On this tour we will enjoy California Wine Country just a short drive from San Francisco. Sonoma County boasts breathtaking scenery, with an off-the-beaten-track, laid back vibe. This region has all the wine making heritage, scenery and quality of Napa, with a unique “undiscovered” ambiance. Sonoma boasts a portfolio of micro-AVAs that are some of the most diverse in the world, and is a particularly special destination for lovers of refined white and sparkling wines.

During our ~90 minute drive from SF, we will cross the Golden Gate Bridge, look down onto the harbors of Sausalito, and enter a maritime and agricultural region away from the hustle and bustle of the City. This area also offers opportunities to visit gourmet food artisans, chocolate makers and even cannabis dispensaries.

We will plan to visit 2-3 wineries (tasting fees not included), along with a lunch stop at a restaurant of your preference or visit the charming and historic Sonoma Square for a casual al-fresco picnic.

Professional guiding

100% Private experience

Luxury transportation

Flexible departure time

Tailored for you

  • Custom Itinerary
  • Hotel Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Chilled Beverages
  • Basic Gratuity
Not Included
  • Meals
  • Tastings fees
  • Admission Fees to venues

Why choose SF Spark Tours

Its YOUR day. Let us maximize your exploration and quality time with family and friends. Since all our tours are completely private, we can adapt to your preferences and pace! We can be as leisurely or nimble as you choose. Make the memories you came for in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Greater Access

We can go places most other tours can’t. With our 6 passenger vehicle (5 guests), we can go just about anywhere and get you closer. Many tour vans and coaches are too large and thereby restricted in many of the most famous attractions and neighborhoods. Our vehicle is also discreet and un-branded. While its stylish design may turn a few heads, no one will assume you are anything but local. It’s our goal to make sure you will never feel like you are on a “tacky” group tour.

Leave the driving to us in a unique Luxury Vehicle

We are the only San Francisco based tour company with a 6 passenger Tesla Model X100D. This vehicle is ultra-modern and a lot of fun. Not only is our 100% electric vehicle clean and quiet, its among the safest passenger vehicles on the road today. It also features an impressive extra large windshield and interior glass for greater sense of openness and visibility that most 3 row SUVs can’t match. Learn more about our Tesla tour vehicle.

Learn from qualified LOCAL Pros!

Our professional lead guide Heather is a knowledgeable host who is passionate about sharing her home town with visitors like you. Unlike many “local” city guides, Heather actually grew up here, and can share stories and interesting tidbits from a lifetime of experience living and working throughout the area. We strive to provide the flavor and context needed to make every excursion interesting and memorable. In a place as dynamic as San Francisco, just about anything is possible! With just a little information up front, we can design custom itineraries to fit your group’s special interests, style and budget.

Environmentally and Socially Responsible

All electric and green, we are doing our part. Transportation contributes approximately 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions in CA, more than any other source. Driving electric already shrinks the carbon footprint by 50% over a gas powered vehicle, since producing electricity is cleaner than burning fuel in a regular combustion engine. We go even further by purchasing our electricity from our local community owned not-for-profit utility that sells carbon-neutral energy primarily from hydroelectric and wind sources.