Guest Reviews

Hear what our past clients have to say!

YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you for all your hard work and always making sure our needs were met.

- Nancy & Bill

Thank you for showing us an awesome family vacation ! You are truly a kind and knowledgeable person. Your employers and guests are lucky to have you !

- The Schnall family

What an amazing time we had ! Your efficiency and attention to detail as well as your patience and knowledge of the area enriched our experience even more. WE appreciate all you did to help us make our trip memorable !

- Judy & Kim

We bought this to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We have been looking forward to it for almost a year, and now we feel it was even better than was expected ! One of the main reasons was you. Your very intelligent, so knowledgeable, patient, hard-working and caring. You answered every question and did so with a smile. Thank you for how you took care of us.

- Susan & Bill

Dear dear Heather- You are WONDERFUL !!! Hope to have you on another visit soon. Lotsa love and a million thanks !!!

- Lee

Thank you for a most memorable trip ! We enjoyed your commentary and your knowledge is exceptional. Hope to see you on our next trip.

- Theresa & Bob

We want to thank you for providing a fabulous trip. You offered us so much information and in a timely fashion before we passed by objects of interest. You were attentive to us all and offered choices. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you. You have been the best of all guides we’ve had. Thank you !

- Chris & Steele

It was a pleasure having you as our tour guide ! Your passion and expertise for what you do sure does shine through ! Probably the best guide we have had. ? Thank you for making our trip a memorable and enjoyable one !

- Ron & Lisa

Thank you for all the effort you put into making our trip so enjoyable, pleasant and relaxing. Thanks for your extra effort getting autographed books for us.

- Ron & Ruth

Thank you so much for leading an excellent tour. Your knowledge about California and outstanding professionalism truly enriched and enlivened the trip. Our group was fortunate to have you as our leader. A truly wonderful and unforgettable experience.

- Renee

Thank you so much for sharing your California home with us. You made this trip so wonderful and personal. We will always remember this very special trip.

- Archi & Linda

We both enjoyed this trip so much ; it was everything we had hoped for. It was wonderful to return to the parks, and the City that we visited many years ago. Your guidance and amazing contributions to every activity made the trip just perfect. You have such a positive attitude and unfailing composure !

- Marylin & Will

We cannot thank you enough for the fabulous journey ! It was a fabulous tour but you made it EPIC. Your knowledge, thoughtfulness and attention to detail is without parallel ! Until next time !

- Martin & Amy

You made this trip wonderful in so many ways big and small. I especially value that you brought up so many important issues… I leave truly awed. Your patience, your insights, your extensive knowledge- greatly appreciated. With deep and heartfelt gratitude !

- Pamela

We appreciate your enthusiasm for your work and San Francisco. You are one of a rare breed. Keep living the dream ! Enjoyed it.

- Jim & Carol

This was our first organized tour. You will be hard to beat. You are very professional, friendly and fun. We had a great time, loved every minute. Hope to see you on another. Best of luck in your business and life.

- Ann & Mark

Job well done. We would love to take another tour with you. We learned a lot.

- Sara & Peter

Thank you for a great time ! Loved every minute of it ! You made it fun and we learned so much !

- Joan & Jim

Thank you for making our dream trip a reality ! We very much appreciate that you set up our private dinner in Yosemite. It was one of the highlights of our trip. How appropriate that the last song the piano player played was ‘its time to say goodbye’ -an unbelievable romantic evening ! Hopefully we won’t wait another 30 years to return.
We also recognize your incredible talents, and breadth of information you graciously share with us and your incredible temperament to deal with the most challenging people without impacting the experience your guests received.
Congratulations of your accomplishment at excelling in what has traditionally been a male dominated profession. We wish you continued success and miles of safe adventure.
Thank you for sharing your home and enthusiasm with us.

- Janice & Jim

Thank you so much for a truly fantastic experience. You are one of the most knowledgeable tour guides I have experiences and there have been many on my husband’s school trips.
PS- Hope to take another trip with you sometime !

- Lynn

Our dear Heather. How you have pleased and pleasured us this week ! We could not have imagined a trip so full of delights, inspirations, education and endearments. Before we could feel a need, you had filled it. Every experience was enriched by your thoughtful planning and charming leadership. You are a world class tour leader in our eyes and we can’t thank you enough !

- Stephanie & Paul

You made a long-planned trip very special with your personal input and knowledge. Also, your care and ability to make “plan B” just as terrific as previous “plan A”!

- Joyce

Your experience and first-hand knowledge of SF, as well as the other places we went did so much to enhance our experiences. Thank you so much!

- Mako

Thank you for making our experience extra special and memorable. Your caring attitude and attention to detail made all the difference !

- Jim & Mary

We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make our CA adventure so wonderful !
Your attention to detail and all the extra perks you arranged for our tour were wonderful. You do your company proud ! We loved every minute of it !

- Jim & Debbie

You have created many beautiful and lasting memories with your vast and in-depth knowledge, enthusiast and passion for our National Parks. Thank you for your professional “mothering” of our family.

- Gene & Christine

Thank you for all the planning, effort and leadership you have given to this trip. It was a fabulous experience.

- Don & Chris

Thank you so much for being our guide this week ! You were SO energetic, precise, organized and positive all week regardless of our countless questions ! You were like a lovely swan gliding on the surface and paddling like mad underneath. I so enjoyed getting to know you and thank you for making our trip so memorable ! Fondly—

- Barb

Thank you for a wonderful experience ! This is our first tour and we enjoyed the care and convenience of this way of travelling. You are outstanding, delightful, knowledgeable, caring, organized and always smiling ! You are perfect for the job ! We are glad we had you !

- Rich & Chris

Thank you for making our trip so enjoyable. Your knowledge, up-beat attitude and pleasant demeanor inspired us to learn as much as possible about our destinations !

- Terri & Marylin

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